Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

There are several forms of renewable energy, for example, wind power, wave and tidal power, biomass, heat pumps, hydro and solar.

Hydro power was popular in the first half of the last century when a number of large dams were built throughout the country, so that water would be available to power the turbines that make the electricity. At present wind power is the most popular development, harnessing the wind’s energy to produce power.

Wave and tidal power get their energy from the sea and there are a number of projects in various stages of development which will hopefully soon be producing power. Solar energy comes from the sun has always powered the planet, particularly the growth of plants. It is now used to heat water for heating, or create power from photo voltaic cells on roofs and in large arrays in countries with a lot of sun.

Power from biomass is basically extracting energy by burning waste, high energy crops or quick growing wood, for example willow. Heat pumps take the heat from surround air of soil and rock, and delivers it to either the air within a building or to water that is then circulated round radiators.

Another form of power, used extensively in some part of Europe is combined heat and power. This is where the heat created when power is generated is used to heat power plant’s neighbouring districts.