Glenlochar Fort

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Published on Wednesday, 16 October 2013 08:07
Written by Maggi Kaye
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Glenlochar Fort NX 735645

Although nothing is left of this Roman fort, excavations have revealed three periods of occupation in the first century AD. The fort measured about 650 by 475 ft., though there were actually 3 forts superimposed on one another. The earliest one was Flavian but it was destroyed by fire; the second was Antonine, and the third was also Antonine, being a later modification of the second. There may have been an even earlier fort on a slightly different area of the site, as rubbish pits were found under the fort when it was excavated. Traces of some of the ditches could be made out surrounding the fort, and another which may have been associated with the earliest fort. It was probably built to hold foot soldiers and six marching camps have also been found on the site. (see NSA miscellaneous, Crossmichael)