May Song

May Song

As I rode over the dunes today
I heard the peewits cry,
Their nests were in the whistling sedge
That clothed the moor from edge to edge
And streamed to meet the sky.

The sun as on the world to-day
As I went riding by,
All silken was the rippling lea –
Satin and lace the tumbling sea
Under a ribboned sky.

We raced across the sands today,
My chestnut mare and I;
And flying hoofs and singing sea
And all the glad wind’s minstrelsy
Chimed to the lark loud sky.

As back I strayed when eve was come,
With sunset in the sky,
I saw the sands all gold and grey –
Opal and pearl the swinging bay,
And I heard the peewits cry.

D.M.P. ©