Riddles heard by McMath

Riddles heard by McMath as a child at Airds of Kells.


Like a cherry, like a chess,

Like a bonny blue gless,

Like a cow amang the corn,

Blawing Billy Buck’s horn:

Spell that wi’ four letters.


Answer – T-H-A-T


Carrying away my wee Tambylum:

If I had my rusty club,

I’d make John-Eakam-Teakim-Tylam

Lay me doon my wee Tambylum.


Answer – A fox carrying off a lamb.

If I had my gun.


As I cam oure the tap o’ Tyne,

I met a drove o’ Heelan’ swine;

Some were black, and some were broun,

An’ some were rigged oure the croon.


Answer – A hive of bees.


The bat the bee, the butterflee,

The cuckoo and the gowk,

The myre-snipe, the heather-bleat;

How many birds is that?


Answer – Two


Jenny Whitepetticoat, wi’ a red nose,

The langer she stan’s the shorter she grows.


Answer – A lighted candle.