To a Passer-by

Published on Saturday, 02 March 2013 07:38
Written by Maggi Kaye
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To a Passer-by

You are only a form that is passing,
A light for one moment agleam,
But there’s pain in your eyes, and laughter,
And the quest of a wandered dream.

And something is plucking your heart-strings –
A something you cannot name;
There’s an ache and a passionate longing,
And a shy dream – we’re all the same.

For some it’s a croon at the love time,
And for some it’s flooding the years,
It’s the song of the endless endeavour
And the longings, the dreams and the tears.

It’s the lilt of the deathless adventure,
It’s the call of the wind and the seas,
It has chimed through the thunder of battles,
And it’s whispering now in the trees…

You are only a shade in the twilight,
A grain in the wind-ruffled sand,
But your eyes are the eyes of a dreamer
And I know you could understand.

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